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Rovula is a resident of ARV, PTTEP's technological venture builder, with expertise in subsea IRM technology enhanced by AI and Robotics, as well as one of Thailand's leading companies with AI and Robotics capabilities.
We are a service provider of intelligent underwater solutions and are focusing on innovating in the AI and Robotics landscape. We believe in our added value solutions that are cost-effective, risk free and efficient.

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Save over 30% of your subsea IRM operating costs with our advanced AI & Robotics solutions

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Reduce down time by 50% on subsea IRM operations with our cutting edge technologies


Remove the use of specialized divers with our autonomous underwater robots
AUV floating solar farm inspection
When performing hydrographic surveys under submerged assets many limitations can impact the completion of the project. In the specific case of inspecting the lakebed under a floating solar farm in Thailand, some areas could not be accessed with a ROV. As a result, ROVULA deployed its wireless AUV, to inspect mooring lines, anchors, and to detect any foreign object on the lakebed. The XPLORER could autonomously dive through obstacles and successfully perform the mission.
AUV subsea pipeline inspection
Another key AUV mission is the inspection of subsea pipelines. The data required for inspection include videos of pipeline, sonar image, seabed profile across the pipeline, electric field gradient (EFG) and CP stabbing result. All the mentioned data will be collected by our underwater vehicle and analyzed by our in-house ML: anomalies, freespan section and condition of the cathodic protection. Inspection reports can then be generated by our in-house platform (Xspector).
Nautilus commercial launch
01 Nov 2022